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The inspection of the moulds for plastic packaging is the essential step to take in order to ensure perfect operation of the piece for the customer, a guarantee of the professionalism of S.G. Costruzione Stampi.

Moulds for plastic packaging demand considerable accuracy, technical expertise and quality of construction. This is why S.G. Costruzione Stampi’s services also include the testing and inspection of every single piece made. Since 1998, the company has offered the end customer services in order to guarantee the best possible construction quality: from the design stage to every single production step, and then up to the final delivery, all moulds for plastic packaging of S.G. Costruzione Stampi are subject to an in-depth examination of their structural and functional characteristics. Production flexibility, listening to the needs of its customers and many years of experience guide every step of the company’s production chain. Over the years, the company has always been able to distinguish itself – both on domestically and internationally – as a reliable and professional reference for the full-scale construction of all types of moulds for plastic packaging.

Stampi per Imballaggi in Plastica Brescia, SG Costruzione Stampi
Stampi per Imballaggi in Plastica Brescia, SG Costruzione Stampi
In-house production cycle

Small quantities and targeted samples

In order to guarantee the best possible construction quality to its customers, S.G. Costruzione Stampi performs strict controls after making each piece and ensures their perfect operation. During the inspection steps, it pays utmost attention to checking their operation, to eliminating flashes and inaccuracies and, upon request, the measurements of the piece are taken.

Every step taken when inspecting moulds for plastic packaging is quick with the use of innovative machinery and our highly specialized engineers. In this way, we can deliver the preliminary samples to the customer for their checking and approval as early as possible. The cyclogram used, including the relevant parameters, is also drawn up at the end of the inspection. Furthermore, small productions can be run before delivery upon request to check that the pieces operate and match.

Looking to the future, flexibility, always thinking big. S.G. Stampi has adopted the production philosophy of punctuality, technical expertise and accuracy.

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