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Over 30 years of experience in producing moulds for plastics guarantee a highly flexible and complete service, construction solidity and design ability.

The entire production cycle of the moulds for plastics takes place on our premises in Calcinato, in the province of Brescia. Thanks to an innovative and safe working environment equipped with the most modern machinery such as the new MIKRON 1850 HPM U and JOBS SACHMAN TRT314 machines, we are able to personally handle every machining step, from design to production and up to the finishing, drilling and roughing treatments, as well as piece inspection, while restricting recourse to outside companies only for the thermal treatment processes of the moulding parts. The work performed by S.G. Costruzione Stampi guarantees the expertise needed for all of the steps of creating the mould and putting it into production.

Produzione stampi per materie plastiche Brescia SG Costruzione Stampi
Customer support

Maintenance 2.0

The production process of the moulds for plastics does not end when the finished and inspected piece is delivered. We support the customer through ongoing scheduled maintenance operations, necessary for high production moulds. All maintenance operations are performed by our in-house staff in the company’s dedicated departments, while support and repair work can be performed on the customer’s premises upon request.

100% Made in Italy

The Moulds

Modify your mould


We not only produce moulds for plastics. We also, and above all, offer total construction flexibility and we listen to the needs of our customers. And precisely in order to best meet the needs of the customers we supply a specialized service to modify pre-existing moulds for plastic and to restore obsolete moulds, even those made by other manufacturers, in addition to customized production of moulds for plastics.

Looking to the future, flexibility, always thinking big. S.G. Stampi has adopted the production philosophy of punctuality, technical expertise and accuracy.

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