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Specialists in the construction of customized plastic moulds made based on the customer’s drawings. From design to inspection of the moulds, we operate with utmost flexibility and efficiency, partnering the customer in all of their technical and functional requirements.

Costruzione Stampi per Plastica Brescia SG Costruzione Stampi
An Italian company

Made in Italy since 1998

S.G. Costruzione Stampi was established in 1998, based on the experience of its founder in the mould and pressure die-casting sector. The skills and technical know-how acquired in the field led to the establishment of the company in Brescia, Italy and to its subsequent specialisation in the design and construction of moulds for plastic.

Totally Italian construction, utmost flexibility, speed and continuous updating have always distinguished the company’s management, which has internationalized the company, in particular in the moulds for industrial packaging and automated warehouses sector, precisely thanks to its high innovative content and ability to listen to the needs of its customers. Since 2014, S.G. Costruzione Stampi has been operating out of its new production site covering a surface area of 1000 sqm, able to ensure 30,000 h/machine per year.

Construction of Moulds for plastic

What cutting-edge construction of moulds for plastic needs is an adequate machine inventory. This is why S.G. Costruzione Stampi has innovative machinery combined with next-generation software that allows it to make any type of mould for plastics, from the simplest to the most complex.

The latest investments made include the new 6-axis milling machines MIKRON 1850 HPM U and JOBS SACHMAN TRT314, in addition to the other units installed, such as the 5-axis MIKRON 1350U and the high-speed RAMBAUDI RAMSPEED 800E. They enrich a complete, quick and efficient production chain, expertly run by an in-house staff of 9 specialized engineers who operate in perfect unison in order to get the best possible result in terms of construction efficiency and solidity.

Costruzione Stampi per Plastica Brescia SG Costruzione Stampi
Complete service


Industry 4.0

Flexibility and innovation

With its highly specialized young and dynamic staff, also thanks to the succession of the second generation of the company’s founders, S.G. Costruzione Stampi is able to successfully meet the requirements of a continuously evolving market that is increasingly demanding, fast and complex. The pride and joy of the company is its outstanding flexibility in all stages of construction of moulds for plastic as it supplies and complete and totally customized service, from design and total construction up to inspection and maintenance and after-sales support.

Looking to the future, flexibility, always thinking big. S.G. Costruzione Stampi has adopted the production philosophy of punctuality, technical expertise and accuracy.

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