Mould Design
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stampi per materie plastiche Brescia SG Costruzione Stampi
stampi per materie plastiche Brescia SG Costruzione Stampi
100% Made in Italy

Quality details

S.G. Costruzione Stampi, specialised in the construction of mould for plastics, is a totally “Made in Italy” company that has evolved over the years in many different fields: from automotive to household appliances and articles, and from industrial packaging such as cases/containers to technical details. Today the company is one of the key players of reference in the domestic and international markets owing to its research and development and to the continual updating of its production technologies.

Each product is designed and tested based on the strictest quality standards. Much more than a simple mould.

S.G. Costruzione Stampi

A full-range service


We have at our disposal an innovative and always up-to-date machine inventory to construct moulds for plastics. In this way, we can guarantee utmost accuracy, safety and speed.


We perform maintenance and restoration work, and also introduce functional modifications to all moulds for plastics, whether they are made by us, are obsolete or are made by other manufacturers.


Total design flexibility allows us to supply moulds for plastics to our customers based on drawings, totally customized according to the specific requirements of every project.

Small samples

Test production

We construct prototypes and small samples of moulds for plastics upon the customer’s request. Following the inspection stage, we present the customer with both samples for approval and, whenever necessary, small test productions before delivery.

Testing and checks


S.G. Costruzione Stampi offers a service that tests and inspects the moulds for plastics made. The moulds are checked to ensure than any flashes or inaccuracies have been eliminated, that the moulds are functional and, upon request, we are able to also take the measurements of the piece.

Technology at your service

Machine inventory

S.G. Costruzione Stampi has an advanced and constantly updated machine inventory to make moulds for plastics, in order to offer high precision, construction quality, high productivity and punctuality.

stampi per materie plastiche Brescia SG Costruzione Stampi


The new milling machines MIKRON 1850 HPM U, MIKRON VCP 710e, 5-axis MIKRON 1350U and high speed RAMBAUDI RAMSPEED 800E are used for finishing.


The 6-axis JOBS SACHMAN TRT314 and SACHMAN T10 GP are the machines used to rough and semi-rough.


CHARMILLES ROBOFORM 54 P is the innovative machine designed for the electrical discharge machining of moulds for plastics.

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